Our story

Synchrony seeks to prioritise women in chamber music by offering them an exciting platform to explore their creativity and collaboration. By championing the works of women past and present, they transform audience expectations through embracing bold new norms and an intimate experience of live music.

Synchrony was born out of the recognition that women can create lasting, positive change when they work together. It was also born out of the belief that women have an exciting perspective to offer the world of chamber music.Inspired by the 2018 UK centenary of universal suffrage and the #MeToo movement, Synchrony emerged as founders Eulalie Charland and Gabriella Swallow saw an opportunity to empower women in music and through music. Frustrated with the lingering gender divide in the profession, the group was born to serve as a voice and a privileged creative outlet for women in the profession. Synchrony seeks to create a new norm within the chamber music realm by participating in forward-thinking and creative collaborations with other women. With this goal in mind, it is committed to commissioning and bringing to life new works from female composers, so the female voice and experience may enrich the repertoire and be fully represented within it. Based in London, Synchrony engages with audiences in a variety of venues. A typical program will include three to thirteen players and a wide-ranging repertoire from Baroque to contemporary. The ensemble is passionate about bringing the love and joy of music to our youngest audiences.